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Is a Texas DWI the Same as a DUI?

Criminal justice systems love acronyms. While most citizens don’t need to know the meaning of legal acronyms, there are two acronyms we’re sure most people have heard at some point in their lives: DUI and DWI. The goal of this blog post is to compare the meaning of these two words in Texas law.

What DWI & DUI Stand For

The literal meaning of these two acronyms is comparable. The letters DWI stand for driving while intoxicated, and the letters DUI stand for driving while under the influence. Therefore, these abbreviations mean the same thing, driving a vehicle after having too much to drink.

However, there is a difference between these two acronyms in Texas law.

What DWI & DUI Mean in Texas Law

The acronyms DWI & DUI take on new meanings under Texas law. A DWI is a criminal charge of Driving While Intoxicated with a .08% blood alcohol concentration (BAC). It is essential to note that police can charge people with a DWI even if they are under a .08% BAC. However, a DUI is something different in Texas.

Texas adheres to a zero-tolerance policy for minors. Zero tolerance means a minor can be charged for having any detectable amount of alcohol in their system while operating a motor vehicle on a public street. What is the charge called? Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol by a Minor (DUIA by a Minor). As you can see, no criminal charge is called a DUI, but Texas does have a DUIA charge for minors.

Charged for a DWI or DUIA?

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