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Case Results

Whether a criminal matter can be settled inside or outside of court, our Austin attorneys fight hard for our clients. At Smith & Vinson Law Firm, we thoroughly prepare for each case and explore every legal option to seek favorable results. Our strategic approach has allowed us to achieve wins for past clients. Read more below, and if you need aggressive defense for your case, call us at (512) 359-3743 or contact us online today.

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  • Not Guilty Sexual Assault

    NOT GUILTY on Sexual Assault and two other lesser included charges. Our client said from day one he was an innocent man. We believed him.

  • Case Dismissed Assault Family Violence

    Our client was charged with Assault Family Violence during an altercation with his girlfriend after a night out on 6th Street. The complaining witness had a concussion and bite marks on her nose. Upon investigation we learned that the complaining witness had started the fight by pushing and biting our client.

  • Not Guilty DWI .24 Blood Warrant

    Our client was an older male, working professional, and was stopped leaving downtown Round Rock for a traffic violation in March 2019. Major issue with the way blood was analyzed by the DPS analyst (she had prior disciplinary history as well).

  • Charges Dismissed Sexual Assault

    Our client met a woman on a dating app who claimed that she was sexually assaulted. We assisted our client in interviewing with the police. He was facing up to 20 years in prison and lifetime sex offender registration. After Smith and Vinson's thorough review of the case and careful negotiations, the case against him was dismissed by the District Attorney's Office.

  • No Charges Filed Sex Assault Investigation

    Our client had an affair with a married woman. When her husband found out, she accused our client of rape. She called the police, who began an investigation into the matter. Our client did the smart thing and called our office immediately.

  • NOT GUILTY Sexual Abuse


  • Charges Dismissed Sexual Assault Investigation

    Our client was a Texas State student who had a bright career ahead of him. He was accused of sexual assault by a classmate and an overzealous law enforcement officer proceeded to arrest him without a thorough investigation. Our team was able to fight for our client by putting together a defense that showed that the actions between the two were consensual and that his accuser had ulterior motives. The District Attorney's Office agreed and dismissed the case.

  • Not Guilty DWI .22 Blood Warrant

    This was the 2nd time we tried this case. First one ended in a mistrial last year. 911 caller reported 2 people leaving a restaurant belligerent and stumbling. Officer arrived on scene, conducted field sobriety tests and arrested client for DWI. Client refused to provide a sample. Warrant was obtained and blood came back a .22.

  • Not Guilty DWI .17 Blood Result

    A soldier on base at Fort Hood hit a parked car in the parking lot of his barracks while attempting to back into a parking space. A bystander called 911, believing the driver to be drunk. Military Police investigated the incident and performed field sobriety tests. The soldier was arrested for DWI and his blood was drawn for analysis. The lab results came back, showing an alleged blood alcohol content of 0.178.

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