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New Law May Allow You to Clear a DWI Conviction

Have a previous DWI conviction in Texas? Starting September 1st, 2017 you may be able to seal it with an order of non-disclosure.

Governor Greg Abbott recently signed HB 3016 into law. It is retroactive. The new law allows someone who has a DWI conviction, first offense, to petition the court for an order of non-disclosure.

An order of non-disclosure is an order from the court that prohibits government agencies from releasing your records to certain private entities.

Who can petition the court to seal their DWI under HB 3016?

  • Never been convicted or placed on deferred adjudication for anything besides minor traffic violations
  • Successfully completed DWI probation
  • Waiting period has elapsed: 2 years if the person successfully completed a period of at least six months with an ignition interlock device as a part of the sentence; OR 5 years if there was no interlock requirement as part of the sentence

What disqualifies someone from sealing their past DWI conviction under HB 3016?

  • The DWI offense was a 2nd or more
  • The DWI involved a breath or blood test greater than .15
  • The DWI involved a crash or injury to another person

This is really big news for so many people who have a DWI conviction on their record and have lost countless job opportunities.

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