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Are There More DWI Arrests in Texas in the Summer?

It makes sense that DWI arrests in Texas would go up for the same reason that many other types of arrest go up – more people are out at social events and on the roads. Summer unofficially begins on Memorial Day weekend and ends on Labor Day. This time of partying and sports tends to result in more DUI/DWI arrests in Texas, and elsewhere in the country.

DWI Arrests During the Year

Arrests around the state have been trending downward for many years, in part due to increased enforcement. For example, 2015 saw a DWI arrest rate of 238.4 arrests per 100,000 residents. That is a decrease of 8.9% from 2014, and a huge decrease from the arrest rates of 2001 to 2012. Those numbers are from the Texas Department of Public Safety. The state does not make monthly reports of DWI arrests readily available, but there are good reasons why arrests might increase in the summer months.

Summer DUI Enforcement

The police know that Memorial Day, Labor Day, and July 4 are popular holidays for drinking. Evening baseball games and Friday night parties offer more opportunities for people to drink and drive. This is why DUI enforcement tends to be tougher from late May through early September. DWI arrests in Texas tend to increase whenever enforcement efforts increase.

The summer months would almost always see an increase in arrests, even if drinking and driving hardly increase all. Drinking most likely does increase, but so does enforcement. There may be DWI checkpoints around, and patrol officers may be more alert to signs of impaired driving.

Increased DUI Enforcement

Texans who want to enjoy a few drinks at a social event are wise to keep in mind this increased enforcement. The odds of encountering a checkpoint go up, as do the odds of anyone who is at all impaired being caught. Even though common sense dictates that no one drive if they might be too impaired to drive safely, some drivers misjudge their condition and drive anyway. The consequences of one mistake are severe.

The risk of killing or injuring someone is never worth it, and the enhanced risk of being arrested in the summer makes it obvious that Texans need to stay off the road until they sober up. A first conviction can cost tens of thousands in fines and increased insurance costs. Given the risk to public safety that DWI poses, it is logical that DWI arrests would go up as more people are drinking and potentially getting on the road.

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